About Us

Welcome to Weelz.


We are glad to provide you a high-quality easy to use platform for selling and buying used cars in Kuwait that you can access through Weelz website and mobile app.


Our motivation to build such a platform was based on a personal experience of using other available apps in the market. It was also influenced by issues that users face while they use other apps to sell or buy their cars and the features they wish to have in these apps.


When we created Weelz, we kept in our mind the user experience, the performance of the app, the accuracy of the information, and the content variety. We made an app that focuses on cars, and only cars. You will not be annoyed by irrelevant commercial ads while browsing Weelz.


Weelz is a user friendly, responsive, and content-rich app designed to well serve both the car seller and buyer. You can easily post your car for sale on Weelz with few clicks without the hassle of typing any information and we will make sure it reaches potential buyers. Opt for “Premium Ad” to upload a video of your car and let people see it first on top of the list.


On the other hand, if you are looking for a car to buy, you can find the exact specifications and options you want in our extensive cars database. And in case you didn’t find it, post a “Wanted Car” request and we will find it for you. We can also notify you if the owner of the car you like has reduced its price. Click on “Notify Price Drop” and we will take care of this.


We do partnership with major car showrooms and dealers in Kuwait to provide them with dedicated sections on Weelz to show their cars for sale and present their business information. If you work in cars sales, join Weelz Showrooms with attractive packages to reach more customers and increase your sales.


Have a safe ride!


Weelz Team.